This is a Talking Copilot for Android phones (Android 4+). It is designed for minimalist fliers of hand-gliders, paragliders and untralights and balloonists. The app speaks your Height and Course+Groundspeed and may be used with the phone in standby mode to save battery.

It speaks your flight vectors at timed intevals, or when you have height change, using your phone's realistic text-to-voice feature.
Talking CoPilotTalking CoPilot
Talking CoPilot uses Android's text-to-speech feature to give realistic reports during flight. (See: Setting it up)
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There are settings allowing you to customise the app including setting the altimeter to read from sea-level or take-off/runway height and using imperial or metric units.

There is an accident feature giving the pilot a single-press emergency phone option with lat-long and UK O/S map coordinates for helicopter recovery. Either use 999 or 112.
Setting it up...
Talking Copilot